UBC youth participated enthusiastically in the General Conference

Parallel to the XIV UBC General Conference, UBC Youthful Cities Commission organised a Youth Conference with nearly 60 young people from 13 cities in the Baltic Sea Region. They engaged enthusiastically in the discussions in all sessions and in the social media and gave their solutions to tasks presented by the UBC Commissions.

One of the UBC’s special emphasises has for some years been youth participation. This year’s conference was partly funded by EU Erasmus+ program. Purpose of the Youth Conference is to work on common issues such as participation, migration and leadership, and take part in the parallel UBC General Conference in order to place a youth perspective on the agenda. In addition, the purpose of the Youth Conference is to bring young people from around the region together to network and to share ideas and experiences.

During a briefing session on Wednesday morning, the youth were presented with tasks, issues or problems from the other UBC Commissions. Young people then had 24 hours to come up with comments, views or solutions to them. These were presented in the plenary session “Listening to the Voices of tomorrow”, which can be watched on UBC YouTube at www.bit.ly/ubc-youtube.

As a new element in the conference and the whole UBC, YouTube and Instagram were introduced as tools in UBC’s communication and marketing. During the conference, an Instagram competition aimed especially for the youth participants was launched, and the best Instagram photo about Youth Leadership will be awarded. The winner of the competition will be announced by mid-November.

Youthful Cities Commission is active in the EUSBSR 

Previously, UBC Youthful Cities Commissions and partners have organised the Baltic Sea Region Youth Conference in connection with the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region’s 8th Annual Forum.

This Youth Conference supported the seminar “Nothing about us without us – making it work!” which was part of the EUSBSR Forum official programme. Both were arranged jointly by the UBC, Baltic Sea States Subregional Cooperation and Euroregion Baltic.

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