UBC's Executive Board met in Berlin

Executive Board of the UBC met in Berlin on 15 June 2017 in European Commission's representation in Germany, in connection with the EUSBSR Annual Forum that was held on 13–14 June 2017. Matters discussed were, among others, the XIV UBC General Conference, the outcome of this year’s EUSBSR Forum, cooperation with EUSBSR Flagship School to Work, and proposal about a conference on the integration of refugees.

UBC co-organised altogether four seminars and back-to-back meetings before and during the EUSBSR Forum: Youth Conference as well as a youth seminar “Nothing about us without us”, EUSBSR Participation Day, and seminar on Smart water sector.

Leadership for the future – Cities as leaders for glocal sustainable development

The XIV UBC General Conference will be held in Växjö on 24–27 October 2017, with the theme "Leadership for the future – Cities as leaders for glocal sustainable development". The UBC Executive Board noted that preparations for the conference are advancing well and thanked Växjö municipality, General Conference Task Force and UBC Secretariat for the excellent work.

The conference hosts top-level speakers across the Baltic Sea Region, including Karl-Heinz Lambertz, Vice-President of the Committee of the Regions, and Lena Ek, Senior Advisor in Sustainable Seas Foundation and Former Minster of Environment in Sweden. The UBC General Conference will also feature a strong involvement of youth representatives from the Baltic Sea region.

UBC cooperates with EUSBSR Flagship School to Work

UBC Task Force on Youth Employment and Well Being has started a cooperation with the EUSBSR Flagship School to Work (S2W). The Flagship strengthens transnational cooperation between stakeholders in the BSR in the field of education and works to prevent early school leaving and to develop new support methods for vulnerable groups of youth. The Flagship has created a common platform of understanding and learning and dissemination of successful methods. Moreover, it arranges study visits and workshops, and supports cooperation and creation of the new joint projects.

With 57 members from the Baltic Sea Region, the Flagship is coordinated by SALAR (Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions). UBC TF on Youth Employment and City of Turku’s education division coordinate the Knowledge Platforms of Early School Leaving and Newly Arrived Refugees. Knowledge platform’s main idea is to support projects and other development work among the main target group, youth at risk of dropping out from education and labour market.

Conference on integration of refugees in March 2018

In March 2016 the City of Rostock hosted the UBC Conference "The Impact of the European Refugees Crisis in the Cities of the Baltic Sea Region". The conference discussed the role of municipalities, focused on best practices and analysed the needs, challenges and the chances faced by the cities in connection with the influx of the refugees. How has the integration been progressing for these two years?

The City of Rostock has proposed to hold the conference on "Integration of Refugees on our Civil Society – Goal, Challenges, Status, Outlook" on 12–14 March 2018. UBC’s Executive Board thanked the City of Rostock for a valuable proposal and authorised Rostock to proceed with the arrangements of the conference, in collaboration with UBC Cultural Cities, Inclusive and Healthy Cities and Youthful Cities Commissions and UBC Working Group on Gender Equality.

The next UBC Executive Board meeting will be held in Växjö during the XIV UBC General Conference on 24–27 October 2017.

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