UBC's Executive Board met in Malmö

The UBC Executive Board met on 17–19 October in Malmö. In the beginning of the meeting on 18 October, the Board held a silent moment in memory of Armas Lahoniitty, a former Mayor of Turku and former Vice-President of the UBC.

The meeting was opened by UBC President Per Bødker Andersen and the Mayor of Malmö, Katrin Stjernfeldt Jammeh.

On the meeting agenda were UBC General Conference in Kaunas on 15–18 October 2019, Information  from  the Commissions, Working Croup on Gender Equality and Communications Network about ongoing  activities  and planned activities for 2019 and supporting youth employment and well-being.

In addition, the agenda included UBC's work in EUSBSR HA Capacity, cooperation with CDP, proposal of the new UBC Social Charter, the concept of UBC National Coordinators, ‘Sport for Values’ project, International Youth Forum of the Baltic Sea States (St. Petersburg, 28 November–2 December 2018).

The third day of the meeting consisted of a study tour of Western Harbour-Hyllie-Nyhamn in Malmö.


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