Unboxing the Sandbox final module in Tallinn

UBC takes part in the final module of the Baltic Executive Programme: Unboxing the Sandbox in Tallinn, 13-15 June 2016.

This time the participants learn how to capture the full potential of transnational cooperation. The presentations and workshops focus on funding and communications.

The Baltic Executive Programme: Unboxing the Sandbox is a new leadership programme designed to help organisations unlock the full potential of transnational cooperation. The programme is initiated and funded by the Swedish Institute as part of its work with Horizontal Action Capacity; development and recruitment has taken place together with the Norden Association, the CPMR Baltic Sea Commission and the Secretariat of Union of Baltic Cities.

The programme targets the local and regional level in the BSR; in particular senior elected officials (politicians) and the head of administrations (administrators), representing the strategic level of ”owners”, with the position to redesign existing governance structure that has endorsed the ”sandboxing” of transnational cooperation. The programmes are explicitly non-technical in nature, seeking to empower officials and administrators to be more active in the world of projects that is often dominated by project specialists with their own discourse of project terms and acronyms.
A result of this cooperation is that more than 15 UBC members are enrolled in the pilot three module programme together with an equal number of representatives from regional bodies in the eight EU-member countries in the Baltic Sea Region. The first module took place in Warsaw (22-24 February), the second in Riga (11-13 April) and the final module takes place in Tallinn (13-14 June).

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