A Unique Urban Area and Marina in Kolding

The plan is to turn the new, sustainable urban area Marina City in Kolding into the most attractive marina in the country.

Over the next few years the area will see the development of a highly attractive urban area with 400 new homes, shops, restaurants, hotels, business community and recreational and leisure activities.
This will be combined with exclusive maritime facilities, making Marina City the first five-star marina in the country.

A new housing area

The existing marina will be totally renovated and expanded from 500 to 1,000 berths, making it the second largest marina in the country. A yachting centre as well as a number of club and service facilities will be established in connection with the marina. A total floor space of around 5,000 m2.
The new marina will include around 400 new homes of various kinds organised in blocks of flats. The aim is to offer a combination of owner-occupied homes, rented housing and council flats. The target group is families, singles and senior citizens. A total floor space of around 40,000 m2.
Finally, the area will contain a series of businesses and institutions, including marina shops and workshops, restaurants and cafés, liberal professions, hotel, hostel, fjord bath/wellness, day care centre, nature centre etc. A total floor space of around 10,000 m2.

Marina facilities

The main marina figures of the project are:

  • Extensive dredging work (350.000 m3), filling work (500.000 m3), piling work (1000-1500 m) and new piers (750 m).
  • 1000 renovated and new berths.
  • 1500 m new floating bridges including poles, equipment etc.
  • 7 gangways
  • Service facilities (fuel, sewer, water, security, access control)