UrbCulturalPlanning Conference 2019 in Kiel

The first Baltic UrbCulturalPlanning Conference Urban Transformation trough Art and Culture is happening in Kiel on 4-6 July 2019: a gathering of urbanists and city planners, artists, researchers and academics, students, community organizers, politicians and activists, to explore key aspects of taking an art and cultural perspective in urban strategies and practice.

It is a transdisciplinary approach, which is being reflected in programme of the conference. The starting point is to think in an integrated and connected way. Only then can we discern the linkages and dependencies that help us understand the deeper dynamics of cities and how to make the most of our potential. One of the main challenges is how to reinvigorated public and shared commons. The city, as a dynamic system requires a more holistic approach. Having a human dimension, civic creativity, social capital and the civic city as starting points for city planning, would assemble the core values of cultural planning.

The purpose of this conference is to explore new prototypes for models of integrated urban strategies  and people and place based approaches to dealing with the social, cultural and environmental challenges many cities are facing. Key to this approach is the potential for art and culture to act as catalyst for creative communities, seeking to engage with citizens in the process of sustainable urban transformation.

 "The city affects us, and we affect the city, it’s bloody obvious - everybody is a citymaker” (Landry, 2018)  

The three-day conference with workshops, speeches, panel discussions and urban city walks will allow you to experience, sense and feel how urban transformation can be triggered by artistic and cultural actions. Hence to promote the role for artists as agents for creative communities.

More information:
Andrea Cederquist, cederquist@boell-sh.de, +49 431 90 66132