Windsurfing RS/X Classes, European Championships

03.07.2016 to 09.07.2016

From 3rd to 9th July, the European Championship for the Olympic RS/X windsurfing classes will take place in Helsinki. The base of the event will be located at Hernesaari, in the immediate vicinity of the cruising ship terminal and the popular Merisatama area.
The RS/X sailboard is a very fast and very acrobatic class and races are spectacular both for sailors and spectators. Around 250 athletes are expected to participate. Champions will be crowned in four classes – men, women, boys, girls. Though the event is classified as a European Championship, it welcomes non-European teams so sailors from all over the world will participate.

As courses are short, the races can be held close to the shore and thus can be viewed e.g. from the cafés and restaurants on Hernesaari, even without access to a boat of your own.

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