“Youth safety feeling in the Baltic Sea Region questionnaire report” is published

The “Youth safety feeling in the Baltic Sea Region questionnaire report” has just been published at:
Project “Youth for safer youth” began in September 2019 and run through November 2020. In this project, safety experts from UBC Safe Cities Commission together with youth representatives from Latvia, Finland and Lithuania developed a questionnaire to research youth safety in the Baltic Sea Region. The questionnaire run during late summer of 2020.
The questionnaire was developed to make the day-to-day life for the youth safer. The goal of the questionnaire was to help understand when and why the youth feels unsafe and what kind of help is needed for them to be safer. These responses will help to develop better safety education for the youth in the Baltic Sea Region and to prepare for a larger scale project.
Project partners:

  •  Liepaja Municipal Police (Liepājas pilsētas Pašvaldības policija – Latvia)
  • Liepaja Children and Youth Centre “Youth house” (Liepājas Bērnu un jaunatnes centra “Jauniešu māja” – Latvia)
  • Southwest Finland Emergency Services (Varsinais-Suomen pelastuslaitos – Finland)
  • Espoo Youth Services (Espoon nuorisopalvelut – Finland)
  • Kaunas City Municipality (Kauno Miesto Savivaldybė – Lithuania).

Contact person:
Kaspars Vārpiņš
Chairman of the UBC Safe Cities Commission