Gdańsk, Poland, 11 September 1997



The 18th meeting of the Executive Board of the Union of the Baltic Cities was held on the 11th of September 1997 in the UBC Secretariat in Gdańsk at the Green Gate, on the eve of the IV UBC General Conference.

The meeting was attended by the Members of the Executive Board and the chairmen of the Commissions.

Opening of the meeting and adoption of the Agenda.

The 18th meeting of the UBC Executive Board was opened by Mr Anders Engström, the President of the Union. Mr Engström greeted the participants and wished them a successful meeting.

The meeting adopted the Agenda.

Election of two persons who, together with the President, will check the minutes.

Mr Igor Kozhemiakin, Mayor of Kaliningrad and Mr Ingmar Ljones, Mayor of Bergen were elected to check the minutes.

IV UBC General Conference.


Mr Paweł Żaboklicki, UBC Secretary, introduced the Programme of the IV UBC General Conference titled the Baltic Sea Cooperation Forum and informed that about 250 participants from 60 member cities and 50 organisations are expected to take part in the conference.

Proposals of statements/declarations.

No written proposals of statements or declarations were submitted.

Conference outcome.

Mr Anders Engström, UBC President, put forward an idea to propose the Baltic organisations present at the General Conference (BSSSC, CPMR, BCCA, BTC etc.) to hold annual meetings on strategy issues and joint initiatives.


The Board supported the proposal and authorised the President to submit it at the General Conference.

UBC Activity Report January 1996 – August 1997.

Mr Paweł Żaboklicki presented the UBC Activity Report including comprehensive information on UBC activities and projects within the period between the III and IV General Conferences.


The Board decided to recommend the General Conference to adopt the UBC Activity Report January 1996 – August 1997.

UBC Strategy of Work 1998-1999.

Ms Sonja Hilavuo, chairmen of the Task Force, informed that the document is based on the UBC Strategy 1996-1997 and was not yet commented by the chairmen of the Commissions.


After discussion the Board decided to recommend the General Conference to adopt the UBC Strategy 1998-1999 and authorized the chairmen of the Commissions to make their inputs to the Strategy after the Conference.

Commissions’ Action Plans.

Mr Anders Engström reminded that the Action Plans will be discussed by the Commissions during the meetings on the second day of the General Conference. The Board members had no comments to the Commissions’ Action Plans.

Applications for UBC membership.

Mr Paweł Żaboklicki informed the Board about new applications for Union Membership submitted by the cities of:

Elva, Keila, Kärdla, Narva, Viljandi from Estonia

Nyköping, Uppsala from Sweden.


The Board decided to accept above cities as the Members of the Union of the Baltic Cities and wished them successful cooperation with other UBC members (additionally the city of Norrtälje was accepted as UBC member at the General Conference). The number of Union member cities reached the figure of 78.

UBC budget 1998-1999.

Mr Paweł Żaboklicki presented UBC budget proposal for 1998-1999. The income is based on membership fee system depending on the number of city inhabitants. The level of expenditure is based on the experience from previous years.


After discussion the Board decided to recommend the General Conference to approve the proposed budget. At item II/7 of the budget, the Board assigned 20.000$ to the Commission on Environment and 10.000$ to the Commission on Social Affairs, to assist Turku and Rostock to run the secretariats of mentioned Commissions.

UBC procedures.

Mr Dag Larsson, Deputy Mayor of Stockholm, put forward a proposal to establish UBC Commission on Business Cooperation. The aim of this Commission would be to promote the development of business cooperation between all member cities. The need to create such a Commission has been articulated by a number of UBC member cities.


The Board decided to recommend the General Conference to establish the UBC Commission on Business Cooperation and authorised the city of Stockholm to organise an opening meeting of the new Commission.

Mr Adolfas Balutis, Deputy Mayor of Kaunas, put forward a proposal to establish UBC Commission on Health.


The Board expressed an opinion that UBC should limit the creation of the new Commissions and asked Kaunas to discuss with the Commission on Social Affairs the possibilities to include health issues in its activities.

Baltic Cities Bulletin.

Mr Paweł Żaboklicki informed that the latest issue of the Baltic Cities Bulletin with the head theme “UBC Cities in Cooperation with the European Union” will be delivered to all participants of the IV UBC General Conference and afterwards distributed to all UBC member cities and a number of international organisations.

Next General Conference.

On behalf of Mr Mats Hulth, Mayor of Stockholm, Mr Dag Larsson put forward the proposal of the City of Stockholm to hold the V UBC General Conference in 1999 in Stockholm.


The Board warmly welcomed Stockholm’s initiative and decided to recommend the General Conference to hold it’s next meeting in Stockholm in 1999.

Next meeting of the Executive Board.


The Board decided to hold its next meeting on 28-29 November 1997 in the new Board Member City of Lithuania. (the meeting will be held in Klaipėda)

Other matters.

President Anders Engström, on behalf of the whole Executive Board, expressed warm thanks and gratitude to Mr Olaf P. Christensen, Deputy Mayor of Aarhus, for his outstanding contribution to work of the UBC Board during the period 1991-1996. Mr Christensen is going to leave his post as Deputy Mayor of Aarhus from January 1998.

Closing of the Meeting.

The chairman Mr Anders Engström expressed his thanks to the Executive Board Members for their fruitful work within last 2-year period and closed the XVIII Meeting of the Executive Board of the Union of the Baltic Cities.

Mr Anders Engström                                         Mr Paweł Żaboklicki

Chairman                                                          Secretary


Mr Igor Kozhemiakin                                         Mr Ingmar Ljones

Adjuster                                                           Adjuster