38th Meeting of the Executive Board
Radisson SAS Hotel, Klaipėda, 16 October 2003, 17.30-18.50


The meeting was chaired by Per Bødker Andersen, President of UBC. The meeting was devoted to the General Conference. The Board discussed the rules of procedure for the conference program as follows:

1. Keynote speeches

2. Conference workshops

3. Meetings and reports of the Commissions

4. Auditor’s Report

5. Board of Audit Report

6. Absolving the Presidium and the Secretary General

7. Amendment in the Statute

8. Budget and Membership Fees 2004-2005

9. Approval of UBC Auditor

10. Election of the Executive Board

11. Election of the President and Vice-Presidents

12. Election of the Board of Audit

13. Location of UBC Secretariat in 2004-2007

14. Adoption of new UBC Strategy

15. Adoption of the UBC Agenda 21 Program 2004-2009

16. Adoption of the Conference Resolution

17. Venue of the VIII UBC General Conference in October 2005 (Turku)

18. Best Environmental Practice Award


Other matters:

Fees paid in 2003

SG Paweł Żaboklicki informed that in 2003, 100 member cities paid membership fees and 4 cities have not paid fees.

The cities which have not paid the fees so far are:



Lomonosov – district of St.Petersburg

Sestroretsk – district of St.Petersburg

The Board commissioned the SG to ask the cities of Kaliningrad and Marijampolė to pay the fee latest by 30 November 2003.

The Board commissioned the SG to ask the city of St.Petersburg to pay the fees for Lomonosov and Sestroretsk latest by 30 November 2003.

New Neighbourhood Instrument

Anders Engström, Honorary President, expressed his concern on the new EU facility for cross-border cooperation named “New Nighbourhood Instrument”. The program is designed for land borders and exludes Sweden and Denmark from the cooperation. The Board authorised President Andersen to raise this question at the Baltic organisations coordination meeting, on the next day.

EnvCom Secretariat

Armas Lahoniitty, UBC 1st Vice-President informed that the Turku City Board decided to maintain the Commission on Environment Secretariat in Turku for the next six year period.

The Board endorsed the decision and expressed thanks to the City of Turku for hosting the EnvCom Secretariat.