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Cultural Cities Commission online call, “Co-reality” exhibition

2020-09-08 10:00 am - 11:00 pm

Join an online call (up to 1 hour duration) during which the concept of the exhibition “Co-reality” and the conditions of participation in the event will be presented in detail.

Speakers: Jūratė Tutlytė (Curator of the programme Designing Happiness), Giedrė Bartusevičiūtė-Rimkienė (Coordinator of the programme Designing Happiness), Rūta Stepanovaitė (Chair of the UBC Cultural Cities Commission).

To join the online call, please contact Rūta Stepanovaitė, Chair of UBC Cultural Cities Commission:

In this challenging year, it is particularly important to maintain cooperation in regions that are physically close, but are more than ever remote because of existing regulations.

The UBC Cultural Cities Commission invites the cities of the UBC to co-create and participate in the initial Design event organized by Kaunas European Capital of Culture 2022 and its Designing Happiness platform that will take place in October 2020. A special part of the program will include an open-air exhibition, which is expected to present this year’s design objects, reflecting the pandemic reliance.

We appeal to the UBC cities that have close relation to their country’s design associations or other organizations that bring together contemporary designers and practitioners whose design objects created this year will become part of the exhibition named “Co-reality”. The exhibition will explore the challenges faced by representatives of various communities this year, the search for new forms of co-existence, moreover it will present various solutions created corresponding to a common reality that unites us all.

As physical participation and movement between the countries is restricted, we will invite the exhibits to Kaunas, Lithuania, to be sent (symbolically) by traditional post.