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UBC Seminar on International City Marketing and Business Marketing – UBC Communications Network

2018-11-28 to 2018-11-29

UBC and the City of Rostock invite you to get updated with the currents of international city, business and NGO marketing in Rostock on 28–29 November 2018!

The seminar is part of the work of UBC’s Communications Network and is open to all representatives of the UBC cities who are interested in the topics of international communications and marketing.

Watch live stream from the seminar starting on 29 November at 15.00 CET

Registration by 27 November at:

Time and venue
28–29 November 2018, Rostock City Hall

Themes and speakers

  • Business Marketing: presented by Claus Ruhe Madsen, Head of Chamber of Commerce Rostock, and Sabine Zingsgraf, Head of the Communication and Marketing department, Chamber of Commerce Rostock
  • City Marketing: presented by Daniela Bubber, Department of City Marketing, City of Rostock
  • Cultural Marketing: presented by Thomas Werner, City of Rostock, and Steffen Stuth, PhD, History and Culture Museum of Rostock
  • Online Marketing/ Brand Development in Social Media: Anna Pashkova, Online Marketing Specialist


November 2018

  • 14–15 Registration
  • 15–18 Seminars on city, business, culture NGO marketing – lead by the speakers
  • 19.30 Reception and evening activities, including the Rostock Christmas Market, hosted by the City of Rostock

29 November 2018

  • 9–12 Workshops on city, business, cultural, online and NGO marketing – moderated by the speakers from the previous day
  • 12–13.30 Lunch and Press Conference
  • 13.30–15 Conclusion panel and summaries
  • Afternoon/evening activities, hosted by the City of Rostock

1. City Marketing Meets Culture: For several years now, the Rostock Kunsthalle (Rostock Hall of Arts) has been showing special exhibitions by GDR artists. Currently these are Willi Sitte and Fritz Cremer. In the workshop, we would like to discuss how historically complicated topics can be successfully presented to the citizens.

2. Business Marketing: The workshop will present a market analysis of IHK Rostock (Rostock Chamber of Commerce) products regarding different fields, such as location promotion, vocational training opportunities, legal counselling and lobbying among others. Further, the current instruments in these fields by key examples of the marketing tools will be presented.

3. Brand Development in Social Media: This workshop is about building trust and credibility for your organization in social media. We will talk about how you can find a brand-like identity and develop brand positioning. You will learn the ways to win the attention of your audience and evoke the emotions people can resonate with, as well as where to find content ideas that can benefit your brand.