Nordic Culture Point

Nordic Culture Point is an institution of the Nordic Council of Ministers which works to support Nordic co-operation within the area of culture and to increase awareness of Nordic culture in Finland. Its vision is that everyone should be able to participate in socio-cultural life on equal terms. 

Nordic Culture Point has three different elements – the management of funding programmes, a library, and cultural events. The key target groups are: practitioners of art and culture in the Nordic and Baltic regions; Finns who are interested in culture and society; and Finnish schools, daycare centres, and universities.

The funding programmes are categorised by target group. Some forms of funding are aimed solely at professional cultural practitioners, while others are designed to support broader projects that help to strengthen the Nordic dimension in both culture and society at large. Every year, almost EUR 5 million is granted via the funding programmes.

Nordic Culture Point administers four grant programmes, which are divided into six different funding options. The programmes provide the opportunity to create culture, conduct projects and create meetings between artists and cultural workers in the Nordic region and Baltic states. The shared feature of all supported projects is that they have a strong Nordic dimension and are culturally innovative. There are grant programmes for children, young people and adults.

European Cultural Foundation

The societies face challenges that will affect all of us and generations to come; climate crisis, growing inequalities, polarization and digitalization. We believe these challenges need courageous and imaginative answers from a united Europe. 

We see Europe as a cultural community, connected through spaces, people and stories, across borders, backgrounds and identities. Culture helps us negotiate ways of living together, build and understand our multiple identities and make Europe our home. It offers the space to question and redefine the principles we stand for. As such, it can help develop and preserve feelings of mutual comprehension and democratic solidarity.
The Foundations supports sultural changemakers and their projects through grants and exchange programmes.

Creative Europe

Creative Europe programme gives support to safeguard and promote the European cultural and linguistic diversity and support to strengthen the competitiveness of the sector; thereby it contributes to the EU 2020 strategy and its flagship initiatives.

The CULTURE sub-programme helps cultural and creative organisations to operate transnationally and promotes the cross-border circulation of works of culture and the mobility of cultural players. It provides financial support to projects with a European dimension aiming to share cultural content across borders. Funding opportunities cover a diverse range of schemes: Cooperation projects, Literary Translation, Networks or Platforms. The supported activities aim to enable cultural and creative players to work internationally.

The MEDIA sub-programme of Creative Europe supports the EU film and audiovisual industries financially in the development, distribution and promotion of their work. It helps to launch projects with a European dimension and nurtures new technologies; it enables European films and audiovisual works including feature films, television drama, documentaries and new media to find markets beyond national and European borders; it funds training and film development schemes.