Other programmes

Nordic Council Of Ministers’ Support Program for Non-Governmental Organisations Cooperation between the Nordic and Baltic Countries

The NGO programme is a Nordic instrument that supports the development of a strong and dynamic civil society in the Baltic Sea Region and helps expanding the capacity of NGOs in the Baltic States by sharing experience and knowledge with the Nordic partners.
The purpose is to promote:

  • Network cooperation in prioritised areas
  • Knowledge transfer for mutual benefit within different sector areas
  • Experience exchange on best practices
  • Capacity building within civil society

The programme is addressed to NGOs, defined as "non-profit, publicly anchored, civic organisations that are neither owned nor controlled by public authorities, nor by private companies, and which have an open and democratic structure".
At least three NGOs must be involved in a project for it to be eligible for funding. 2 different Nordic and 1 Baltic country or, alternatively, 1 Nordic and 2 different Baltic countries (NB 2+1 or 1+2).

The Sweden-Lithuania Cooperation Fund

The Sweden-Lithuania Cooperation Fund supports the development of promising project ideas and the start-up phase of new projects with a clear development perspective. Particular attention will be given to exchange and cooperation for network building between young people to promote social cohesion, creativity, innovations and the formation of new enterprises.
Anyone can apply to the Sweden - Lithuania Cooperation Fund – individuals, working groups associations, organisations, companies, etc. Swedish or Lithuanian citizenship is not a requirement, but you must reside in either of the countries.