Gdynia – Polish City of the Future

Gdynia is a city open to new investments and investors. The city was awarded twice with the title of the “Polish City of the Future” (fDi Magazine) in the years 2015 and 2017. The city was recognized for its economic potential, business environment, innovativeness and investment climate.

Gdynia supports firms operating in all sectors and, in particular, the firms representing key strategic industries of the city: sectors connected with the exploitation of the sea and its resources; transportation, forwarding, logistics; creative industries and culture; information and communication technology.

Gdynia local government actively supports also the start-up companies – the offer is addressed particularly to students, start-up entrepreneurs, freelancers and all those who have only developed their business idea. The Startup Gdynia Zone within the Pomeranian Science and Technology Park Gdynia has been made available where the entrepreneurs have a possibility to develop their businesses in an open, friendly and safe environment.

Beginning entrepreneurs who do not wish to hire an office are welcome to co-working in Gdynia StartUp Zone, offering comfortable workplaces close to other startups and Park companies. The preferred industries include ICT, robotics, automatic, engineering, biotechnology, environment protection and creative branch.

The main competitive advantage of Gdynia is its seaside location when compared with other competitors.  Gdynia is a strong industry centre and at the same time one of two major development poles of the polycentric and bipolar Tri-City agglomeration. The main distinguishing features of the city economy are the sea port in Gdynia and the maritime industry together with the supplementary functions (Transportation and Logistics Services industry, hotels and catering). The Baltic Sea Region is a natural cooperation area, a place of exchange of the city services with other partners.

Gdynia wishes its cultural, sport and education institutions to establish exchange with their counterparts in other UBC member cities.

Gdynia is a leader in implementing practices regarding the inclusion of citizens in decision-making processes and realization of public tasks – starting from the broad scope of powers in district councils, through cooperation with NGOs, participatory budget, civil panels, to participatory design of public services and spaces.

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