HUPMOBILE – Holistic urban and peri-urban mobility project

The City of Gdynia, coping with challenge of rapid growth of transport functions either on local/ metropolitan or transeuropean/global scale, is transforming its transport system into sustainable and resource-efficient one.
The landmark initiative is to revitalize all ex railways, still existing inside the city, regardless their former functions: industrial, military whatever  – into attractive and competitive transport  links.
This is a key aim of the partnership in the HUPMOBILE – Holistic urban and peri-urban mobility project (BSR 2014-2010), prepared under umbrella of Aalto University Finland.

The City of Gdynia looks for cooperation with other members of UBC, dealing with mobility issues or holistic planning in the urban transport node, including the urban rail network –  in a similar way, in order to develop open and common designing the smart concept and following its implementation.

More information:
Ryszard Toczek
Head of Relations and Research Dept.
Gdynia City Hall