Nasty - Susanna Leinonen Company

A feminist statement that, with power, strength and humor, perfectly rattles on women's right to self-determination over their own bodies. An unmistakable view of the world, focusing on the expectations, limitations and attacks directed at women's bodies, will allow us to experience an unmistakable view of our world. A world where evil hides in the structures of society - but also in ourselves.

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Kurdish Female Voices

Kurdish Female Voices is a collaboration between three prominent singers, who have deep roots in the Kurdish tradition - Cigdem Aslan, Gülseven Medar and Sakina Teyna. With a message of peace and a belief in the healing power of music, in front of the songs written and performed by Kurdish women of all times. We get to follow a rich cultural journey from Anatolia to Kurdistan.

Climate College

Welcome to Climate College, 4 September 2020 ! Kick start your fall and attend Climate College 4th of September. Climate College is the first event in 2020 arranged by City of Helsinki that addresses urban planning themes.

The day introduces interesting speakers and viewpoints about urban planning and an eco-friendly future in cities.
The day is hosted by the City of Helsinki as a part of Helsinki Design Week 2020.