Cēsis Theater performance for children

The show "Heija - Vardulēn!" Cēsis Theater director Edīte Siļķēna has created it based on fairy tale motifs of different nations. It tells the power of friendship, the importance of having friends who help with their advice, courage and strength in difficult times. At the heart of the story is little Vardulen, who, while living in the woods, encounters other beasts who are not only friends but also enemies at first.

From the Soil

When you look at the curves of your body, what do you see? A fell and northern lights, pores and bone shapes?

ANTOcollective’s From the Soil exhibition examines the human body, seeking landscape-like qualities and abstract shapes. The pictures, videos and soundscape create their own reality, where the human body can, on the one hand, be an entire world and, on the other hand, blend into the surrounding landscape like a rock, a tree trunk or foliage.

Jaak Joala jubilee concert ”Naerata”

2020 marks the passing of 70 years from the birth of Jaak Joala, one of the most remarkable Estonian singers of the past century. To commemorate and pay respect to the great musician, we have decided to organise grand commemoration concerts in four cities in autumn 2020.
Jaak’s popular songs will be performed by artists of the younger generation who have been directly or indirectly influenced by him. Tanja Mihhailova-Saar, Tanel Padar, Uku Suviste, and Karl-Erik Taukar will be performing the timeless hits, accompanied by a band and an orchestra.