Baltic Sea Region small project – Access to Mobility is Access to Participation

We would like to share with you project idea called Access to Mobility is Access to Participation acronym A_MAP GreenCities which is developing by Polish Union of Active Mobility as part of the Baltic Sea Region programme. The idea of project is going to be submitted as ‘small project’.
First of all, some information about small projects:
Small projects are limited in terms of budget (500.000 EUR) and duration (24 month) and are also simplified in their outputs and activities. There are only two cost categories, CAT1 (staff) and CAT7 (other costs), the latter being a flat rate of 40% of staff costs. Furthermore, there is only one work package with a maximum of five activities.
Take a look at the two videos of the BSR programme: (Small projects in general) (Budget for small projects)
We did some work and created a first draft of the project idea form – attached.
As time is short, you need decide until 15 of March whether you are interested in a Small Project and whether you are willing to support the full proposal for it.
The deadlines here are very tight ( – scroll to small projects).

  1. 09.03.22 – Submission Project Idea Form,
  2. 16.03.22 – Deadline for consultation/ request for access to BAMOS,
  3. 30.03.22 – Deadline submitting application.

Polish Union of Active Mobility will submit the Project Idea Form anyway to get at least a some initial feedback from Baltic Sea Region secretariat. However, even it will be a rush I am also convinced that this can be a good application for a Small Project.
Looking forward to your feedback
Project idea

Contact Information:

Rafał Glazik
Sekretarz Generalny
Polska Unia Mobilności Aktywnej (PUMA)
ul. Jana Heweliusza 29
80-861 Gdańsk
+48 695 624 634