Project on strenghtening citizens’ engagement

I’m a co-founder of a Lithuanian CivicTech initiative Polltix. We are looking for partners to participate in a project call by Council of the Baltic Sea States.
We have an idea for the project on the theme of “Sustainable and Prosperous Region” and reflect on the Baltic 2030 group’s Activation Process 4. “Empowering Civil Society to Amplify Innovation and Action”.
That said, we are open to discuss and amend the idea as well. Is this something that may be of interest to organizations in the UBC network?
A bit about Polltix:
We are developing novel tools for digital citizen engagement; our first is a single-question public consultation. They provide the asking politician/govt body/NGO with real-time demographically and politically nuanced data on various social groups’ views on the question. In addition to the survey results, the politician/NGO receives open-ended comments and various breakdowns, which then informs their decision-making. We are currently developing additional tools for understanding the views of the various groups, including their exposure to disinformation, and are considering how we may develop a solution suitable for participatory budgeting (at the municipal level).
Polltix is a non-profit registered in Lithuania in summer under VšĮ “Pilietinės technologijos”, but have been active since 2020. We have our software engineering in-house and care deeply about GDPR and democratic non-partisan ethos. The co-founders – two females, one male – have considerable experience in public policy, NGOs, strategic communications and engineering.
Proposal idea:
civic engagement, especially around environmental topics, at a local (municipal/city) level. We envision building a survey tool that will create a loop of consultation-decision-feedback, which will strengthen citizens’ engagement with both their local government and environmental topics. The goal is to strengthen evidence-based decision making at local governments on issues that affect the Baltic region.
We anticipate generating considerable publicity and big data that would benefit our partners as well. That said, the idea can be workshopped to better suit your needs or provide additional value that we may not have yet considered.

Contact Information:

Dovilė Meliauskaitė
+370 631 52594