Proposal for a new UBC commission

The City of Turku is asking for the UBC member cities’ support for a proposal to establish a Temporary Commission on Education.

The UBC Executive Board discussed the future of the Task Force on Youth Employment and Well-being at its 88th meeting in November 2021. According to the Board, the Task Force has produced excellent results and its work should continue. However, since the Task Force now operates in a much wider field than was originally intended, the Board authorized the Head of the Task Force (Matti Mäkelä, City of Turku) to prepare a proposal for a Temporary UBC Commission on Education. The task of the Temporary Commission is to carry out the work plan of the Task Force and to prepare for the UBC General Conference a proposal of establishment of a new commission along with its long-term objectives.
As stated in the UBC Internal Regulations 2.4. the application should come from at least three member cities. The proposal will be presented to the UBC Executive Board at its next meeting.
All interested cities are welcome to contact Matti Mäkelä by 4 March 2022 at