Summer Workouts and an Online Workshop for activists and NGOs

Clean Games and Coalition Clean Baltic jointly invite activists and NGOs around the Baltic Sea to take part in a free online-workshop on how to host, arrange and prepare environmental competitions and engage people in a playful and inspiring way to clean up nature. 

The workshop will consist of a series of webinars during 14-28 June 2021. Workshop participants in teams will learn about Clean Games* approach with experienced leaders and will be invited to take part in the Clean Games Summer Workouts.

See further details about the workshop are in the attachment.

First time ever Clean Games Summer Workouts, the international contest for Clean Games organizers, will take place on 26-27 June. The winner will be chosen for attracting the maximum number of participants. Organizers will compete in teams led by experienced coordinators and the April 2021 Workshop alumni.

*Clean Games are team-based competitions in cleaning green and coastal territories from litter and waste sorting. The participants use a mobile app, like a Pokemon Go, for picking up litter. Since 2014 more than 1000 game events have been held in 20 countries across the globe. Up to 1500 participants can participate in an event and collect up to 20 tons of garbage in 1 hour. On average, a participant collects 10 times more than on an ordinary cleanup. 

Check out more about the Clean Games at this introductory video:

Anton Zaytsev, Clean Games PR-manager, tel.: +7 931 258 70 97,

Online Workshop