Tender: ECG and UBC cooperation EuropeAid/140888/DH/SER/MK – project enquiry

UBC is willing to take part in the European Commission tender concerning Technical Assistance for Macedonian Municipalities and to form a consortium with European Consulting Group. The purpose of the contract is to strengthen the administrative and technical capacities of Macedonian municipalities to successfully develop, implement and supervise innovative projects in specific areas. 
The contract will include various technical assistance activities with the aim of improving municipal policy, governance and service delivery. These services will include: capacity and partnership building activities for the preparation and implementation of innovative projects; Advanced services to selected municipalities to improve efficiency, impact and sustainability of projects and; Awareness raising, communication, capitalization and dissemination.
UBC plans to involve the experts from the member cities to this project. Please send us at the names of your city EU funded projects with the budget min. 800,000 EUR per city, implemented in the period 16.09.2017 – 15.09.2020. These projects should be related to capacity building and/or technical assistance to local authorities;  improving municipal policy, governance; implementation of services to municipalities so they can improve efficiency.