The UBC Executive Board met online

The 85th UBC Board meeting was held on 17 April 2020 – online for the very first time due to the coronavirus epidemic. The historical meeting hosted around 30 participants from all UBC countries.
On the agenda were, among others, action plans of the Commissions, UBC budget as well as strategy, policy, and projects.
“These days we are living now show that the UBC is needed. The changes we are going through will only strengthen us”, emphasized UBC President Mantas Jurgutis in his opening speech.
Other topics discussed in the meeting included digitalisation in UBC member cities; UBC pool of experts, HA Capacity; information  from  Brussels  on  forthcoming  events,  conferences,  consultations; severe waste water treatment problem in Guatemala; the 11th EUSBSR Annual Forum in Turku (19–20 October 2020).

 Questionnaire “Mapping the needs of UBC Member Cities”

An important and inspirational topic during the meeting were the results of the survey conducted earlier this spring among the UBC member cities, “Mapping the needs of UBC Member Cities”.
The survey questions included:

  • What does UBC do best?
  • What can be improved? 
  • What is the motivation of your city to be part of UBC?
  • What does your city expect from UBC?
  • What are the main external trends and challenges UBC should address in the future?
  • How do you see the future role of UBC?

 The survey results are available online and will be used when planning the new UBC strategy process.
Decision on the venue of the next the next UBC Executive Board meeting will be taken soon.