Two investments opportunities in Kolding

Commercial building plot for sale in the new business development Nordic Synergy Park

The area is located in the southern part of Kolding between Sønderjyske Motorvej, Tankedalsvej and Hylkedalsvej. The area consists of six sub-areas. So far two sub-areas, which can be used for administration, liberal professions, public and private service, education, research, area utilization and knowledge-based professions, have already been offered for sale. Hotels and restaurants, as well as sports and cultural purposes are also allowed.

Marina City in Kolding

The plan is to turn the new, sustainable urban area Marina City in Kolding into the most attractive marina in the country. Over the next few years the area will see the development of a highly attractive urban area with 3-500 new homes, shops, restaurants, hotels, business communities and recreational and leisure activities.

By mid-2018, the first large building plot (Skovboligerne) is expected to be offered for sale.

All requirements are available in the attachments.

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