UBC 30 years – looking forward to the next three decades

This week marks the official 30th Anniversary of the UBC organisation. The UBC was founded in Gdańsk during the Founding Conference on 19-20 September 1991.
The 30th Jubilee of Union of the Baltic Cities is taking place at a significant time in history. The Covid-19 global pandemic has changed our lives, in some instances permanently, and we have been compelled to find solutions and innovations in an extremely exceptional situation. Although there are thirty years in between, there are similarities to be found in the circumstances around the time the UBC was established and the present day: promoting a vision of UBC as peaceful and prosperous Baltic Sea Region, and learning from each other. In both times it was crucial to establish and promote advanced regional cooperation between Baltic Sea Region countries, cities and actors in order to find a way into a new common future, states President of the UBC Mantas Jurgutis.
30 years of cooperation and inclusiveness
The Iron Curtain, which had been dividing Europe and the Baltic Sea Region for over 40 years into two political and economic systems and two military blocs, collapsed 30 years ago. For 30 years, the Union of the Baltic Cities (UBC) has been boosting cooperation around the Baltic Sea. The UBC has created a friendly forum that inspires and enhances cooperation and urban development.
Our members possess various experiences in different fields, e.g. energy, environment, smart transportation, business, etc. UBC mobilizes their potential for a safe, sustainable and smart Baltic Sea Region. The UBC’s intention is to spread out good solutions across the whole region and Europe.
XVI General Conference to be held online on 29 October 2021
UBC Presidium at the meeting held on 23 June 2021 decided that due to uncertain situation with the pandemic COVID-19, the XVI General Conference in 2021 will be held online.
The Conference will consist of the General Assembly including reports, elections, membership fees, strategic documents etc. More:

The next, XVII General Conference in St. Petersburg will take place in 2022 or 2023 depending on pandemic development.

“During 2021, we keep striving to turn obstacles into chances for something new and to develop our societies further, despite the current global situation. I am convinced we cannot just wait for the crisis to pass – instead we should continue with all our important work. Our cities and societies are challenged to become even more proactive, more unified, more resilient. This is why the theme of the XVI UBC General Conference is “Resilient Baltic Sea Cities. Tackling the challenges and creating the future(s)”, says UBC President Mantas Jurgutis.

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