Upcoming events

March 2023
Mar 28
28 March 2023

What is the role of local authorities on the large macroregional arena? And what can regional organisations do to support BSR cities on their paths to sustainability, regional cohesion, and […]

Mar 28
28 March 2023

Representatives of UBC member cities and commissions are warmly invited to the online meeting introducing project funding opportunities. UBC Antenna in Brussels will present funding possibilities within the following EU […]

April 2023
Apr 17
17 April 2023

The UBC Learning Cities Commission is planning its meeting and study visit in Gdańsk, on 17-18 April 2023. The meeting will be a 2-day event: during the first day the […]

May 2023
May 04
04 May 2023

On 4-5 May 2023  the International Cultural Conference "New Experience" in Klaipėda is planned together with the UBC Cultural Cities Commission meeting. Save the date! More information will follow.

May 13
13 May 2023

Rostock has the honour to host the 21th edition of the Baltic Sea Cup, an annual athletic event for youngsters aged between 8 up to 13 years. This year the […]

September 2023
Sep 12
12 September 2023

A joint seminar in Turku, Finland, is scheduled for 12-15 September 2023. The seminar will be co-organized by the Planning Cities and the Sustainable Cities Commissions. Save the date! More […]

October 2023
Oct 24
24 October 2023

XVII UBC General Conference “Baltic Sea cities supporting Ukraine” will be held on 24-26 October 2023 in Palanga, Lithuania. Despite the 30 years’ experience the UBC has, these past years […]