“Nothing about us without us” – A youth perspective on the future of the Baltic Sea Region, Stockholm

08.11.2016 - 15:00 to 16:15

Venue: Arcade

Taking care of tomorrow. The seminar will focus on involving young people in the discussion as well as politicians from local and regional level in the Baltic Sea Region (including representatives from Norway).

An added value to the Strategy Forum is including a bottom-up perspective on the Baltic Sea Region Vi-sion 2030. This includes a sustainable and a green future and prosperity, growth and jobs from a youth perspective. The seminar will raise the voice of the young people of the Baltic Sea Region and bring their views and proposals into the discussion on Baltic Sea Region Vision 2030.

Young persons are more sensitive to many questions - and through the way they live and communicate they are very aware of changes taking place in the society. This workshop will bring the voice of the young people of the Baltic Sea Region – their views and expertise - into the dialog on preparing the Re-gion for the future. The focus will be on “Moving and deciding quicker with the help of youth!”, and the workshop will touch upon issues such as:

  • Governance – involving and including young people
  • Prosperity – empowering the youth, youth entrepreneurship, youth employment, keep young tal-ents in the region
  • The environment – how to secure a sustainable future for the next generations


Welcome and opening of the workshop by the moderator

Young people’s visions for the future of the Baltic Sea Region – statements from the youth networks of BSSSC, UBC and Euroregion Baltic

Moderated panel discussion with the youth representatives, politicians from local and regional level and representatives from the EUSBSR + workshop participants

Summing up – message to authorities and organisations/ networks in the Baltic Sea Region

Mr. Peter Wolkowinski

Ms. Kari Lie, Youth representative BSSSC, Eastern Norway County Network/Hedmark region, Norway
Ms. Wiktoria Wernicka, Youth representative BSSSC, West-Pomerania region, Poland
Mr. Tobias Hansson, Youth representative UBC, Gävle, Sweden
Mr. Soren Esmann, Youth representative UBC, Kolding, Denmark
Mr. Tautrimas Rupulevičius, Chair of ERB Youth Board, Association Klaipeda Region, Lithuania
Ms. Alexandra Winberg, Member of ERB Youth Board, Kumuls Kalmar, Sweden
Mr. Roger Ryberg, Incoming Chair of BSSSC, Chair of the Regional Cooperation Board in Eastern Nor-way County Network, Norway
Ms. Maja Wagner,  UBC Executive Board member, Councillor, City of Gdynia
Ms. Akko Karlsson, Vice President of Euroregion Baltic and Vice Chair of the Board of Regional Council in Kalmar County, Sweden
Ambassador Mr. Raul Mälk, Member of EUSBSR national coordination group, Ministry of Foreign Af-fairs, Estonia

Main photo: Lukas Kosowski

Contact details: 

Main organiser:
Baltic Sea State Subregional Co-operation (BSSSC)

Seminar contact person:
Ann Irene Saeternes

Seminar partner organisations:
Union of Baltic Cities (UBC)
EuroRegion Baltic (ERB)

Sub-objective of the EUSBSR:
Save the Sea: Clear water in the sea
Connect the Region: Connecting people in the region
Increase Prosperity: Climate change adaptation, risk prevention and

Torkel Knutssonsgatan 2
11825 Stockholm