Planning Cities Commission seminar, Söderhamn

22.05.2016 - 09:00 to 25.05.2016 - 16:00

New Times – New Dynamics –seminar
Organiser: Planning Cities Commision
Date: May 22nd-25th 2016
Place: Söderhamn

The UBC Planning Cities Commission invites to the UBC, Planning Cities seminar in Söderhamn, Sweden, May 22nd-25th 2016 with the title: New Times – New Dynamics
A new railway station outside the city center to the west and a former industrial area downstream to the east, will be the workshop areas when we will try to come up with new ideas on how to develop the new dynamics of Söderhamn.
More detailed invitation inclusive a program, information on how to travel and were to stay etc., will be send out in some weeks.

The city of Söderhamn and the steering group of the Planning Cities Commission is looking forward to welcome to a beautiful place and an interesting seminar.

The new steering group of the Commission
The steering group in the Planning Cities Commission is open to new candidates.
At the moment there are: Marek Karzyński, Gdynia, Mara Liepa-Zemesa; Riga, Tomas Stromberg, Umeå and Niels-Peter Mohr, Aarhus (chairman).

There are the following candidates for the next years:
Paulina Szewczyk, Gdynia,
Mara Liepa-Zemesa, Riga,
Tomas Stromberg, Umeå and
Niels-Peter Mohr, Aarhus.

There is space for up to 7 persons in total, interested persons are invited to consider if they would like to join the steering group. In case of many candidates, an election will be organized.
The members of the steering group prepare the 1-2 annual seminars together with coming up host cities, and they join – of cause - the seminars. Attending preparation meetings are paid by the commission budget. Attending seminars are paid individually.
The steering group appoint a chairman among its members. Furthermore, the Executive Board have asked the steering group to point out a communications officer.
The chairman or the communication officer can be asked to join different UBC-meeting, inclusive the General Conference. If there is money on the commission budget, these trip are paid, otherwise your city has to pay.
All interested persons are kindly invited to mail Niels-Peter Mohr before April 1th. 2016, in case they are interested to join the steering group.


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Niels-Peter Mohr, Head of Strategic Planning, Chairman of Planning Cities Commission, mobile: +45 2920 9469 email: