Youthful Cities Commission meeting, Elva

11.10.2016 - 18:30 to 14.10.2016 - 11:00

The topic of this meeting is “Life online”. As the Mayor of Elva, Ms Eva Kams says, "Estonia is well known for its e-services - e-elections, e-taxes, e-police, e-health care, e-banking, and e-school are just some examples. Almost any activity can be performed over the internet. In general, lives in the whole World have moved to online and social networks. It has both good and bad effects in our life."
Participants should think about life online in their everyday life in school, work, at home, what does it mean in their lives, how do they act online, positive, negative effects, the future etc. Participants having proposals of new projects should contact Lena Hernandez-Modin.
The organisers ask for information about participation as soon as possible. 


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Lena Hernandez Modin
Project Coordinator
Culture & Recreation
Culture and Associationsupport
Gävle municipality
Phone: +46 26 17 94 84
Mob: +46 70 167 55 80


Youth center of Elva
Pikk 8