Umbrella 2.0. awareness raising event 27 April

Umbrella 2.0 launches its first event to raise awareness on the current “hot topics in the Baltic Sea Region” on 27 April 2021 10.00-15.00 CET.

Nowadays we hear a lot about sustainability. It may seem a complex topic, getting lost in EU policies and strategies, or seen as something the “big” are responsible for, like the United Nations and their Sustainable Development Goals. However, every day, many small actors from civil society perform activities that contribute to the achievement of overarching goals. It may seem not relevant, but even the ocean is made by drops. 

Umbrella 2.0 would like to invite and inspire local actors from civil society and the public sphere to undertake actions that can contribute to important sustainable goals. We need to go all in the same direction, together. Therefore, we have invited representatives of the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region, besides NGOs, to get to know each other and discuss together.

Are you curious? Would you like to know how to get engaged and/ or start a learning process involving your staff? 

Take part in our online event, get inspired by other organizations like yours and let us guide you! 

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Umbrella event 27 April 2021