Volunteers and Local Authorities – Baltic Sea Region Network (VOALA) is a transnational project that aims to enhance society’s resilience to natural and man-made disasters. About VOALA Natural disasters, environmental, […]


Baltic Youth for Resilient Society The BYFORES project aims to enhance resilience to natural and man-made disasters by strengthening inclusive, cross-sectoral cooperation between authorities and volunteer organisations in crisis management […]


Gathering 31 partners from 10 different countries, DECARBOMILE project, financed by HORIZON programme, aims to trigger an unprecedented improvement of the green last mile logistics in Europe. UBC is a […]


UBC is a partner in the project YUPAD – YoUth PArticipatory budgets empowering young people using big Data, co-financed by ERASMUS+ programme. The YUPAD project aims to enable young people […]


PITCH, a model for gender-sensitive integration strategies based on Personalised, partIcipaTory, loCal, and multi-stakeHolder approaches, is a 36-months project co-funded by the EU Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund. UBC is […]

Baltic Sea Cultural Cities and Regions

The Baltic Sea Cultural Cities and Regions is a project aimed at connecting cities and regions, people, cultural organisations and professionals by increasing the visibility of the cultural diversity within […]


UMBRELLA 2.0- Boosting transnational cooperation capacities for multilevel actors in the Baltic Sea Region goal is to increase awareness and knowledge of transnational cooperation in the Baltic Sea Region. More […]


A European Union (EU) macro-regional strategy is a policy framework which allows countries located in the same region to jointly tackle and find solutions to problems or to better use […]