Good climate for investments in Gdańsk

Gdańsk is open to new investments and startups. Gdańsk Economic Development Agency InvestGDA actively looks for new investors. InvestGDA prepares and offers investment grounds in the city of Gdańsk. InvestGDA is supporting especially investors from: outsourcing, logisitcs, production, distribution, finance, and maritime sectors.

InvestGDA is a partner in the project Pomeranian Export Broker which goal is to help local companies get international exposure and expand to new markets. The Baltic Sea Region is very attractive for local companies.
Invest in Pomerania is a local investment agency which help companies establish business in the Pomerania region.

InvestGDA through the network of local chambers of commerce and Invest in Pomerania and Pomerania Development Agency (ARP) connect companies in need of expertise with specialized partners primarily in areas of entrepreneurship.

More information: Małgorzata Zalewska, M.Zalewska@investgda.pl