The Union of the Baltic Cities' core organisation consists of the Presidium, the Executive Board and the Secretariat.
The Presidium consists of the President, First Vice-President and three Vice-Presidents, elected by the General Conference for a two-year period. Between Board meetings the Presidium is authorized to make decisions necessary for the proper management of the Union.
Executive Board
The UBC Executive Board is the Union's highest authority between the General Conferences. It consists of one member city representative from each country plus the President and four Vice-Presidents.
The main responsibilities of the Executive Board are liaising with, coordinating and guiding the work of UBC Commissions and deciding on the allocation of resources on basis of agreed criteria, approving new Member Cities, Associated Cities and Partners, ensuring the implementation of the UBC Strategy and decisions.
The UBC Secretariat coordinates the UBC daily work and activities. It is responsible for smooth communication, administration and organization of UBC events. The Secretariat offers assistance to Commissions and other UBC bodies. The Secretariat is located in Gdańsk, Poland.