Sustainable Cities

Contact persons

Esther Kreutz

Head of Secretariat Sustainable Cities Commission

Baltic Sea House
Vanha Suurtori 7
FIN-20500 Turku
Tel. +358449075980

Contact Info

Structure of the Commission

Head of Secretariat: Esther Kreutz
Deputy Head of Secretariat of Secretariat: Agnieszka Anna Ilola
The 3 Co-chairpersons: Risto Veivo, city of Turku, Finland, Dagmara Nagórka-Kmiecik, City of Gdańsk, Poland and Per-Arne Nilsson, City of Malmö, Sweden.

To support UBC SCC activities, strengthen cooperation with UBC member cities and better support them in their sustainable development, the UBC SCC has established an Advisory Board consisting of the three co-chairpersons, the head of the secretariat as well as currently 15 experts from UBC member cities. The role of the Advisory Board Members is to support the UBC Sustainable Cities Commission and the secretariat in its actions by bringing national and theme related expertise and recommendations in project related activities (Smart City, Climate Change, Biodiversity/Environmental Protection, Mobility (SUMP), Water management, Circular economy). This will be achieved, e.g., through support in finding important themes and topics for the Sustainable Cities e-bulletin and Bulletin and UBC Sustainable Cities Commission meetings, by proposing project themes and comment on urgent and policy related issues.