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Esther Kreutz

Head of Secretariat Sustainable Cities Commission

Baltic Sea House
Vanha Suurtori 7
FIN-20500 Turku
Tel. +358449075980

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UBC Sustainable Cities Commission

The UBC Sustainable Cities Commission (SCC) focuses on the environmental and urban sustainability work within the UBC. The Commission and its Secretariat are hosted by the City of Turku, Finland. The UBC SCC is coordinated by the Head of Secretariat in cooperation with three co-chairpersons and the Advisory Board which currently includes 15 sustainability experts from our member cities.

The UBC Sustainable Cities Commission is responsible for

  • the Union’s work on sustainability issues
  • coordinating the Union’s entire UBC Sustainability Action Programme
  • policy meetings and
  • managing numerous projects in the field of urban sustainability

Policy areas

  • Sustainable Urban Mobility
  • Integrated Urban Water Management
  • Cooperation with Russia and Belarus
  • Maritime Activities
  • Integrated Management
  • Climate Change

UBC Sustainability Action Programme 2016–2021

UBC Sustainability Action Programme is coordinated by the UBC SSC and it is closely linked to the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region (EUSBSR). The aim of the UBC Sustainability Action Programme is to guide our work in the field of sustainable development. The main focal areas of the UBC Sustainability Action Programme – Stairway towards Sustainable Baltic Cities for the next five years are: green urban economiesclimate-smart citiessustainable urban ecosystems and natural resources and the Baltic Sea and its catchment area. The UBC Sustainability Action Programme 2016–2021 was adopted in October 2015 during the UBC General Conference in Gdynia, Poland.

The next UBC Sustainability Action Programme is being currently prepared. The UBC Sustainability Action Programme will be presented at the UBC XVI General Conference in St. Petersburg in October 2021 and it will cover the period of 2022−2030.

Please feel free to contact the Sustainable Cities Commission Secretariat for more information about the SCC as well as to find out more about collaboration and networking opportunities among the UBC member cities.  

Last meetings of the Commission

27.04.2022 to 28.04.2022

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